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Deputy General Manager (L4) - Painting

Tata Motors

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Posted On Mar 11, 2024
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Deputy General Manager (L4) - Painting
Tata Motors
Flexible, India
Job Description

Position Summary with Job Responsibilities

This role will be responsible for complete product manufacturing execution and delivery Vehicles produced across plants. This role will actively support product development as well by working closely with ERC team to help implement design aspects during manufacturing stage


Safety: Ensure safe work place by monitoring TRCFR & LTI

Quality: To achieve DRR & DRL target as per goal sheet

Productivity: To meet MOP target as per plan

Delivery: Ensure production in given schedule time

Cost: Adhere to the FCC and VCC target as per target in goal sheet

Morale: Ensure high morale of team to produce as per plan

Environment: Ensure Environment compliance as per targets in goal sheet


Work Experience

Production Planning

  •     Prepare a day wise production and shift plan as per the requirement shared by PPC
  •     Plan for the necessary tools and equipment required to achieve the production plan received from the PPC
  •     Ensure the availability of material in the Shop warehouse for the planned production mix; escalate as necessary to SCM
  •     Ensure availability of workforce as per the defined shift plan
    New Product Development
  •     Seek inputs and provide support to the ERC team for product proving
  •     Ensure station level readiness, against the checklist provided by the Technical Services
  •     Ensure availability of all relevant machines and equipment as part of the productionisation
  •     Understanding and resolution of issues faced during product development & provide improvement inputs to Technical Services
  •     Implementation of WCQ initiatives and drive improvements
    Process Quality Improvement
  •     Seek feedback from internal and external customers and create action plan for incorporating production improvements
  •     Provide inputs to lead maintenance on line improvements and follow up for closure
  •     Plan and deploy action plan basis of feedback received from different agencies (Warranty, next customer, customer issues etc.)
  •     Resolve daily line quality issues by coordinating with Line quality counterparts
    Productivity Improvement
  •     Eliminate NVA (non-value adding) and ENVA (essential NVA) through line balancing and various initiatives (Kaizen, Kaizen events, FPBP etc.)
  •     Develop line improvements to achieve the desired takt time
  •     Ensure minimum levels of line set up losses through various improvements
  •     Develop kitting solutions and make arrangements for optimised movement of materials from Supermarket area to production line
  •     Coordinate with shop logistics/indirect material stores for availability of indirect material and tools to ensure maximum productivity
    Manpower Management
  •     Provide workforce inputs (increase/decrease- blue collared/ permanent/contractual/trainees) to shift in-charge for the monthly production targets for the shop (in all shifts)  by considering the line constraints
  •     Ensure performance readiness of Blue collar flexi manpower (with help of SQPDCME and HR) through classroom and on the job trainings
  •     Monitor formation and performance of self-directed teams (SDT) for productivity improvements
  •     Conduct on the job trainings to familiarise the new workforce with the role requirements
    Shop Health Management
  •     Drive JH/KK Pillar of TPM by imparting regular trainings to operators and reinforcing the same in culture 
  •     Participate in ICR/ICM- cross functional teams to identify new steps to keep cost levels minimum
  •     Encourage blue collar workforce to participate in QC initiatives

    Tata Motors Leadership Competencies

    Customer Centricity - Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer (stakeholders) needs or expectations

    Developing Self and Others - Recognizing continuous development is essential for success and taking steps to develop self and helping others to excel

    Driving Execution - Translating strategy into action and execution

    Leading by Example - Encouraging and following ethical standards

    Leading Change - Recognizing the need for change, initiating and adapting to change

    Motivating Self and Others - Inspiring teams and individuals

    Functional Competencies


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