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Manager - BIU and Analytics

Tata AIA Life

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Posted On Mar 15, 2024
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Manager - BIU and Analytics
Tata AIA Life
Thane, India
Job Description

A            Position Overview

Position Title

Junior Data Science



Level/ Band


Role Summary

B           Organizational Relationships

Reports to                                              

Data Scientist



C           Job Dimensions

Geographic Area Covered

Pan India

Stakeholders Internal

All Departments



D            Key Result Areas

·        Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to identify business problems and translate them into actionable insights through data analysis and visualizations.

·        Conduct exploratory data analyses to discover patterns, trends, and relationships within large datasets.

·        Develop and maintain production-ready machine learning pipelines utilizing tools like TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and other popular libraries.

·        Advanced SQL, Python and R Knowledge preferred

·        Apply statistical methodologies to analyze and interpret results from experiments and simulations.

·        Stay current on emerging trends and best practices in data science, Insurance, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

·        Manage and optimize infrastructure deployments on platforms like AWS, Azure Synapse, and Google Cloud Platform, leveraging containerization technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker.

·        Mentor junior team members and guide vendor teams and support to help them in project deliveries within the due time frame.

·        Collaborate on the development and testing of machine learning models and algorithms under the guidance of senior team members.

·        Support the execution of experiments as required.

·        Collaborate effectively with team members and actively engage in knowledge sharing.

·        Ensure compliance to AIA and TALIC rules and standards

·        Constantly align with the IT team, Vendor  team and business stakeholders


E          Competencies

Competency For

Proficiency Scale

Proficiency Scale Description

Business Acumen and Strategic Orientation

Ability to align with the organization-s vision with a fair understanding of the insurance industry, regulations, financial markets  and the agency business model in order to deliver profitable and sustainable business growth.


Has an in-depth understanding of the market of operations and proposes changes if required as per market dynamics.
Understands how and to what extent business complexities impacts one-s own area of work.
Is able to identify trends and analyze performance of self and various branches in one-s geography.
Has expert knowledge of BA model, BA compensation and Agent commission and progression and uses it to deliver superior performance.
Is able to device plans to recruit, develop and sustain distributors on a long term basis with organization.
Strives towards achieving proportionate business contribution from all the branches of assigned territory.

G            Skills Required


·        0 to 5 yrs of experience in implementing data science projects

·        Programming Languages: Proficiency in Python and/or R for data science specific tasks.

·        Hands-on experience with libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Sklearn, XGBoost, Keras, Tensorflow, Plotly, Seaborn etc.

·        Must adhere to developing sclaable data science solutions using distributed libraries like PySpark etc.

·        A good understanding of supervised and unsupervised machine learning and NLP concepts and techniques.

·        Good to have expertise with Azure data science work benches, preferably Databricks

·        Statistics: A foundational knowledge of descriptive and inferential statistics for analyzing data characteristics and applying those in choosing right algorithms and models.

·        Comfortable in adopting security-first development principles.

  • Knowledge of Snowflake, Tableau and Microsoft BI Stack is a plus.

·        Ensure compliance to AIA and TALIC rules and standards

  • Constantly align with the IT team, Vendor  team and business stakeholder




Interpersonal skills


Communication skills


Creative thinking skills


Supervising/Leadership skills


Teamwork Skills


Influencing skills


Relationship Building skills


Decision making skills


H           Incumbent Characteristics




B.E / B.Tech / BCA, BCS, B.Sc (in relevant field)

· Azure Data Scientist

· Other internationally recognized Data Scientist certifications


·        0 to 5 yrs of overall experience spearhead data-driven projects.

·        Expertise in NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Azure, Docker, Postman, FastAPI and SQL, Python & R language

·        Good interpersonal and communication skills with ability to build productive relationships across the participants in the ecosystem

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