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The Tata group is committed to empowering our community of artisans by helping them upgrade their skills and leverage latest technology to grow their business. Through its various initiatives, the group is on a mission to encourage and empower these torchbearers of our cultural ethos. 

Okhai: Brand With A Soul

Okhai: Brand With A Soul

Okhai, the rural women’s collective supported by Tata Chemicals, has overcome multiple obstacles to carve a fashionable niche for itself in the apparel and lifestyle space. Arrow

The Power Of Inclusion

What connects a tea seller from UP, a former homemaker from Delhi and a jewellery craftsman from Karnataka? This is how Tata companies' inclusion initiatives are empowering people from all walks of life. Arrow
Empowering Superwomen

Empowering Superwomen

Tata Power’s online marketplace, SaheliWorld, enables vulnerable communities to become self-reliant in these difficult times Arrow

Weaving A Brighter Future

Initiatives taken by Tata Trusts and Tata companies are focused on reviving cherished crafts at risk of going extinct, while empowering artisans with livelihoods Arrow
A Conversation With Tribal Culture

A Conversation With Tribal Culture

Tribal communities from the length and breadth of the country and beyond converged on Samvaad, a platform created by Tata Steel and take the lead in initiating discourse on issues that govern them. Each edition of Samvaad has been a meeting ground for over 1,500 tribal artists, development practitioners and experts from different walks of life. Arrow

Artisans To Market

Celebrating the boundless creativity of Indian craftsmen, Taj aims to revive traditional art, craft and textiles of this beautiful country and nurture the talent of master artisans and weavers who are sustained through Khazana.