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Founded over 150 years ago, the history of Tata group embodies, in many ways, the history of entrepreneurship, philanthropy and compassionate capitalism in India, and increasingly, the world. Explore its vibrant history through a set of timelines that briefly highlight major milestones in its growth.

Life of JRD - A Timeline

A timeline tracing the milestones in the rich, eventful life of the former group chairman JRD Tata. Photos courtesy Tata Central Archives. Arrow
A timeline of TCS

Since 1968: The TCS Timeline

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), founded in 1968, is an IT services, consulting, and business solutions organisation that partners with many of the world’s largest businesses. Learn more about its history via this timeline. Arrow

2018 till date: The Next 50

The years since 2018 have seen many milestones. This timeline traces the group's contemporary history and is updated as the years pass. Arrow
Ratan N Tata in the first Tata Indica to roll out of the Tata Motors factory

1969-2017: The Expansion Years

This period saw a series of bold global acquisitions and partnerships with a focus on new technology. Arrow

1917-1968: The Growth Years

These years saw the birth of Indian aviation, the emergence of Tata Trusts, the foray into locomotives and heavy vehicles, and the formation of TCS - among other milestones. Arrow
A core industry was built where little existed - Tata Steel

1868-1917: The Early Years

The ingenuity of Jamsetji Tata's vision, and the nation-building industries it inspired. His dreams - Tata Steel, Tata Power, IHCL, and the Indian Institute of Science saw fruition. Arrow